from by burnt.



Come Down

(Words by McCoy, Franco)

lord i'm gonna come back someday

but today i stand alone

lord i'm gonna come back some way

but now i'm on my own

troubled soul

lost and gone

call it the come-down you're on

get control

a hard row to hoe

take the long road and come back home.

addicted to the fade-away

slippin' farther everyday

runnin' from reality

looking for the lunch that's free

check the menu

cold blood inna shallow dish

yea i'm gonna fix it quick

and do whatever for instant pleasure

fools treasure

heartache pressure

i can't take it no more

i'm tired of wanting

i'm weary of wishes

wanna get back my gills

and go swim with the fishes

true love in my life

is no place to hide behind

true love in my life is no place

is no place

i'm losing grace

i've gone astray

jah jah can you hear me?

on my knees i pray.

prodigal sons and daughters

are we all

taking the chance of a lifetime

with each step that falls

and even the wisest must

right their wrongs

you reap what you sow

when the harvest comes to you

i'm comming back home yes i'm comming back home

to redemption

i'm comming back home yes i'm comming back home

to love and acceptace

and yes i know i will have to live to fight another day

but that's just part of the battle i say.


from Esperanza, released April 20, 2006



all rights reserved


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burnt. San Francisco, California

BURNT came together in 2002. Their sound combines elements of reggae, dub, ska, soul, hip-hop, and punk, and features environmentally and politically conscious lyrics, as well as songs about relaxation. The group maintains a do-it-yourself approach to recording and releasing music and booking shows, playing anywhere from street corners and parks to festivals across the West Coast. ... more

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