from by burnt.



good evening

we're concerned citizens

of the united states of america

we're representitave of the youth

and tonight

we're here to make our statement

against western imperialism

and hopefully, if at all possible, make a reparation

for all those Iraqi soldiers who were tourtered

in the Middle East

we hope to do the job that our government

has not done so far

and send our hearts out to all the men and women

who are dying overseas

this is a brutal war that needs to end


we're messengers from Stu Miller

this is our symbolic statement

against donald rumsfeld

(who should be fired)

and president bush

who needs to go.

and this is dedicated to Tyler Sullivan

who's a devout catholic.

down with western imperialism.


from Chorro, released February 23, 2005
words by Max Flaum



all rights reserved


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burnt. San Francisco, California

BURNT came together in 2002. Their sound combines elements of reggae, dub, ska, soul, hip-hop, and punk, and features environmentally and politically conscious lyrics, as well as songs about relaxation. The group maintains a do-it-yourself approach to recording and releasing music and booking shows, playing anywhere from street corners and parks to festivals across the West Coast. ... more

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