Nova Express (bowls)

from by burnt.



this ain't no gospel but i'm spreadin' the word
haven't you heard that your vision is blurred
look with your third eye
wishin' that you wasen't just a part of the herd
don't even know the purpose of this murder mission you serve
and everyone's distracted by the money money money
no one gives a fuck the money's bloody bloody bloody
so don't forget in your confession on sunday
that you stole your gasoline from a nation that's going hungry.

so called leaders of nations boards and syndicates on earth
it seems you never lean
but soon you will get burnt
is there no way that we can reach you
all your thoughts remain in-drawn
into your world we throw this song
so we're marching on.

i'm diggin' deep for my weapon of choice
and since numbers equal power stand tall and poised
frontline criminology
we're rebels with voice
understanding your psycology
send missles through your rolls-royce
a still calm 'till napalm
it's a cold world
when babylon dropped A-bombs
and toes curled
your could consider this a warning shot:
next time shit might pop-off on your block.


from Esperanza, released April 20, 2006



all rights reserved


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burnt. California

BURNT music is rebel music: an original blend of reggae, ska, punk rock and hip-hop sounds. Building on DIY traditions of many influential punk and reggae bands before us, we manage our own tours and have independently produced 7 albums of original music. At the center of our sound is a voice for social & environmental justice for all! Conscious lyrics, bass heavy grooves & steady rhythms = BURNT ... more


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